Support terms are identifiable throughout this article by the use of first letter capitals, please see the list of terms available in this article.

Support Model

Axsy provides support to your Level 1 Support team assisting You when You have an operational service using Axsy products. The support service includes assisting You with Information Enquiries and also Defect Management.

See the process flow diagram below that shows how the support services are provided.

Figure 1 – Support Services Process Flow

Axsy, additionally provides support to You during your implementation and evaluation phases; the support process flow diagram model shown in Figure 1 is followed, however your Level 1 Support team may be replaced by your development team.

You must provide Level 1 Support for Your end-users using Your operational service.

Axsy will exclusively interact with members of your Level 1 Support team.

Your Commitment to Support

The Investigation and Resolution of Defects is frequently a complex and time consuming process for You and Axsy. Therefore, Axsy requests Your commitment to the support process by carrying out all of the steps listed 1—5 in the support services process flow diagram before raising a Defect:

  1. Checking to see that the mobile device(s) and the mobile operating system(s) in use that You are using meet the Recommended Devices specifications
  2. Checking the Axsy mobile app admin console for errors that may provide the reason for a issue you are experiencing that you can fix yourself
  3. Checking to see if an Axsy product is functioning as designed by reference to available knowledge articles, FAQ's and troubleshooting articles
  4. Determining if an issue you are experiencing is due to is caused by You using the product in a manner it was not designed for, e.g., attempting to sync millions of records
  5. Reporting Defects that are feature enhancements – please contact Axsy separately for future roadmap suggestions
  6. Checking for any known issues that may be listed on Your Support Portal.

Defect Resolution Process

Axsy will work with You to conduct an Investigation as quickly as possible. The process is as follows:

    1.    Defects are reported by You via Your Support Portal or initially by telephone (Signature plan customers only)

    2.    Axsy will respond to You in accordance with the Response Times

    2.    You must provide as much detail as possible when reporting a Defect please follow Axsy's Guidance article

    3.    All but the most simple Defects must be demonstrably reproducible outside in Your sandbox environment,
            which will require You to provide:

  1. Access for Axsy to use your sandbox environment
  2. Setup by You of any scenarios (e.g., Visits or Surveys) that Axsy Level 2 Support will execute to reproduce the Defect
  3. Documented steps to reproduce the Defect

Defects, that cannot be reproduced by Axsy, cannot be investigated.

    5.    Axsy will follow Your steps to reproduce the reported Defect and investigate to determine the root cause;
            during this time Axsy may request additional information from You

Your participation in the Investigation of a Defect is very important.

    6.    Once the Investigation has been completed and the root cause has been identified, Axsy will confirm with You:

  1. If a Defect exists in an Axsy Product and the Resolution approach either by a future fix or temporally via a Workaround
  2. If a Defect does not exist in an Axsy Product or only partially exists in an Axsy Product, Axsy will agree a course of further action, if any, with You.