Initial Org Setup

Availability: All Support Plans

The fastest way to get you started with Axsy’s products is to arrange a session so that the Axsy team can install, configure and test Axsy’s products in your org and leave you with a working service that you can build on before you go live.

The process starts once you have set up your Salesforce Sandbox org, Axsy will then carry out a set of standard tasks to set up your org with Axsy’s products. During this set up Axsy will:

  1. Verify your org is ready for Axsy setup

  2. Enable any Salesforce components required

  3. Install Axsy’s Managed Packages

  4. Install any plugins required

  5. Setup permissions

  6. Setup an initial sync configuration

  7. Perform simple end-to-end tests with the Axsy Mobile Apps

  8. Handover back to you.

All of the set up work is performed during a video conference call and you are invited to observe and ask questions during the session.  Axsy will leave you with a documented summary of the work performed, including references to knowledge articles for your future reference.


Continuous Guidance

Availability: Premier and Signature Support Plans

While you further develop, test and validate your service you will significantly benefit from the experience of the Axsy technical team who can guide you during your journey, saving you time and effort.

Axsy guidance includes:

  1. Review and recommendations on your implementation strategy

  2. Test strategy input, including recommended test cases and data volume metrics

  3. Weekly / Bi-Weekly checkpoint reviews

  4. Implementation optimisation guidance

  5. Setting up a simple Smart Form survey

Wherever relevant, Axsy guidance includes handover documentation and cross references to Axsy Knowledge Base articles.

Go Live Health Check

Availability: Premier and Signature Support Plans

Once you are ready to go live Axsy can perform a set of checks to provide you with additional confidence that your org is setup and configured correctly.

During the health check Axsy will:

  1. Verify the org setup for product versions

  2. Check permissions

  3. Check your Sync config

  4. Perform end-to-end sanity test

Note: Enhanced go live health checks are only performed in sandbox environments.

Enhanced Go Live Health Check

Availability: Signature Support Plan

An enhanced go-live check involves in-depth Axsy testing of your sandbox org against Axsy's functional and performance test suites.

During an enhanced health check Axsy will:

  1. Perform functional tests - using Axsy's standard test suite scenarios
  2. Perform functional tests specifically focusing on newly introduced features
  3. Perform performance tests focusing on:
    1. Initial sync performance on a range of mobile devices
    2. Incremental sync performance on a range of mobile devices

After the enhanced health check Axsy will present a test report including:

  1. Test summary and details of the scope of testing
  2. Corrective actions that Axsy recommends you make to your configuration and / or mobile device selection
  3. Any corrective actions that Axsy will also undertake


  1. Enhanced go live health checks are only performed in sandbox environments
  2. To maximise the value of enhanced health checks Axsy recommends that this testing takes place once your sandbox environment implementation is complete and after you have performed your own test and validation
  3. To ensure the performance tests are as representative as possible, the volume of data and the intended sync configuration in place should be as close to your expected production system as possible
  4. Axsy labour days is capped to 5 days

Developer Assistance

Availability: Signature Support Plan

Request an Axsy developer to assist you during your implementation – particularly useful if you are working to tight timescales or just need a little extra help.

Note: Developer assistance is performed in sandbox environments only.