To assist with future support diagnostics, the FS v4.6 apps will record the following fields when the engineer submits a Form Response:

  • Completed GPS Location (requires location tracking permissions)

  • Device model

  • Device operating system

  • Device operating system version

  • Axsy FS app version

In order to add these to the Form Response Page Layout please follow these instructions.

You will need to have the Smart Forms Managed Package 1.31 and above installed and have the relevant access rights to make the changes.

Log into your Org via Salesforce Web.

Click on the Setup Cog and select Setup.

From the Setup menu select and open the Object Manager.

Scroll down the list and click onto the Form Response object to open it and see the following details.

Next select Page Layouts from the side menu.

Click onto the Form Response Layout link to open the Form Response Layout screen.

Select the Device field and drag it to where you would like to show it on the Form Response Detail Information screen. Then do the same with the Completed Location field. When completed click onto the Save button to save your changes.

Once the fields have been added to the Form Response Page Layout when viewing the Form Response information you will see the additional Completed Location and Device fields.