In addition to mapping Form Response answers directly to specific Salesforce Fields, it is also possible to link the entire Form Response record to the Object running the Smart Form. 

What is the Object Id Field?

Each Form Response record has a generic field that links it to the Object record that ran it. The field is named SObject Id and it holds the Salesforce ID of the running record. This is meant to be a generic field since a Smart Form can be run by any Object Type. 

Create a Custom Field

If you run Smart Forms in a way that all forms will be run by the same Object Type, you can create a custom field on the Form Response Object that directly relates a Form Response record to the record of the Object Type running the Form.

Please see this Salesforce Page for more information on how to add custom fields to a page object layout : Add Custom Fields

Create a Process to find the Record Running the Form 

In this example, the custom field would be a lookup field to the Work Order Object as this is what is running the Form on the Axsy Field Service App. Although the SObject Id field is generic, you will know what Object is running the Smart Form and can therefore configure a Process for the custom field that looks up the Object record running the form from the SObject Id value (See Step 1). 

Here, on all Form Responses, the custom field Work Order populates the individual Work Order running the Form. For more on Salesforce's Processes, please see this Salesforce Trailhead: Automate Simple Business Processes with Process Builder

Then it is possible to have Smart Form Responses visible for a Work Order Record via the Related List. The custom field needs to be added to the Related List Page Layout of the Object. For more on Page Layouts, please see here: Customize Related Lists