The content and features of this release should not be considered final until the release is made generally available. The planned content and features may change right up until general availability. This article will be updated accordingly to reflect any changes to the release scope.

Back Office

1. Unlimited Smart Form Response Sizes

A new end-point has been developed to process Smart Form Responses, which allows Form Responses to exceed the previous 132 KB end-point limit.

2. Check Mappings Align With the Object Launching the Smart Form

To assist Smart Form designers a feature to check that any mappings specified in the Smart Form conform to the object that launches the Smart Form. This helps ensure the mobile app has the data records it needs when working online and offline.

Admin Console

1. Show warning before Smart Form submit

2. Store photos taken with the camera during a Smart Form survey locally to the mobile device

3. GeoLocation Tracking 

Mobile App

1. Windows App: Share Summary

The Windows App will have a Share Summary option implemented for functional parity with the iOS and Android Mobile Apps.

2. Enhanced Record Lookups

The Record Lookup Element type is further enhanced in Axsy Summer '23 to enable label presentation from multiple fields as well as adding support for multi-select picklist capabilities and further extending the filtering capabilities.

3. Capture of Signature Post Smart Form Summary Review

Introducing a "sign-off" capability post Smart Form Summary.

4. Support for Static and Dynamic Loop Labels

Static and dynamic Loop labels have been possible in Repeating Sections, Axsy Summer '23 extends this capability to Loops.

5. Truncate Long Text Labels / Reveal all on Tap

Long text labels that take excessive space on Smart Form Summaries are now truncated to enable a more readable Summary. Full content can be retrieved by tapping on the truncated label.

6. Rich Element Label Formatting

Axsy Summer '23 will introduce rich formatting of Smart Form Element text labels for size, bold, italics effects.

7. Expand Image Thumbnails From the Smart Form Summary

Tapping on a thumbnail of an image in a Smart Form Summary reveals the full size image.

8. Column Support

To take advantage of unused "white-space" in Smart Form presentation – particularly on tablet devices, column support will be introduce to improve the presentation and flow of a Smart Form.

9. Route Optimisation

Online / Offline capabilities to assist users in their own route optimisation / linked to the GeoLocation tracking feature added to the Admin Console.

10. Other SmartForm Enhancements

  • Remove page breaks when transitioning from one Sub Section to another – this improves the flow of a Smart Form from an end-user perspective
  • Allow use of the Jump-To element from within a Repeating Section – providing designers with an additional option for flexible Smart Forms navigation.


1. Map Flow Variables to Smart Form Elements

Axsy Summer '23 will allow the passing of information between Flow and Smart Forms.

2. Run Multiple Smart Forms From a Single Flow

A single Flow will be able to launch multiple Smart Forms, previously only a single Smart Form could be launched from a Flow.

3. Smart PDF's

Populating PDF templates with Flow variable information to generate standard reports that can be wisely shared from the mobile app.

4. Other Enhancements

  • Additional operators are supported: IN and NOT IN
  • Multi-select is added to Record Lookups and Table Records
  • Offline image support
  • Column width support