With the Axsy Record Lookup Element, you can search for a Salesforce Record in a picklist by defining what object records to fetch, refine and sort in the Designer. 

To ensure you have access to the correct object records, make sure you configure the Axsy Config to accomodate your requirements.

Required: Managed Package 1.54

Setup in the Designer 

1. Drag and drop a Record Lookup Element into a section in the Designer. 

2. Edit the Element and select its Reference tab. 

3. Specify the record type by selecting an object for the Record type field. For example, by selecting 'Account', a list of available account records will be displayed in the record lookup picklist. 

4. Specify a Salesforce Label to display for each record in the record list by making a selection for the Record Label Field. For example, by selecting the 'Account Name' label, the account records will be displayed as the value of their name only. 

5. To order the records list, optionally enter a SOQL-style query in the Order By field. 

6. To filter the records list, optionally provide a SOQL-style WHERE clause for the Filter records field. 

For more information on SOQL, please see this Salesforce Guide: Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)

In the App 

In the app, the Record Lookup Element will be displayed as a picklist where you can select an object record. 


The object record that is selected from the picklist is stored as a Salesforce ID. You can map this ID to another field in Salesforce to associate the selected record. 

1. Edit the Record Lookup Element and navigate to its Mapping tab. 

2. In the Field Mapping field, specify the field that you want to map the record ID to. 

For more information on mapping syntax, please see this article: New Mapping Syntax