Axsy Smart Forms supports the ability to define a mapping configuration for a Text Element and then make it invisible to the Smart Form user filling out the Form on the Axsy app. The value will, however, be available to view in the Form Response. 

You need to first define mapping for the element under the Mappings tab and then make the element invisible under the Text tab. For more information on how to setup a mapping configuration, please see this article: How to use Smart Form Mapping – Create a Data Mapping

Making a Text Element invisible via the Text tab is unrelated to the Invisible configuration under the Defaults tab, as the Defaults tab does not involve any mapping. 

Navigate to the Text tab of a Text Element

1. Open the Edit window for the Text Element and select the Text tab. 

2. Select the Invisible? toggle to activate it. 

Display the Invisible Mapping in the Form Response 

Navigate to the Form Response View and select the the toggle Hiding invisible fields to deselect it and display the invisible value.