To create an Axsy Smart Form, you use the Axsy Smart Form Designer, which is a “what you see if what you get (WYSIWYG)” design tool built on Salesforce.

Navigate to the Forms Object

1. To create a new Smart Form on the Salesforce Platform, select the Forms tab and then New Form.

2. The form creation tool is split up into 3 main parts.

Covered in this Article: 

  1. Sections
  2. Toolbox
  3. Section Elements


1. To create new sections or edit existing sections, select the Edit button.

2. Select Add Section.

3. Select whether you want to add a New or Existing Section. Then select where you would like to position the section. 

Existing Sections are sections that you have already created that belong to other forms. Please see this article for more information on forms that share the same sections: Form Sections - Shared Sections

If you are creating a New Section, you will then proceed to the next window where you can name your new section. 

4. You can rearrange the position of your sections by dragging and dropping the section to the desired position. 


To add Elements to the body of the Smart Form, select the Edit button. When Edit Mode is enabled, the toolbox shows all the Elements which are available to use to create a new form:

Numeric InputEnables a field with numeric input
Text InputEnables a field with text input
Date Input Enables a field with a date entry
Yes/NoEnables a field with a boolean (slider) 
PicklistEnables a selection from a picklist drop-down
Jump ToEnables a skipping over of other elements (if conditions are met)
SubsectionEnables a splitting of elements between different pages
Text Label Enables a static piece of text to be displayed (non-editable)
SignatureEnables a signature to be captured in-app
Image UploadEnables an image to be uploaded in-app
LoopEnables a repetition of a set of elements

Sections Elements

Once the toolbox is made available via Edit Mode, Elements from the toolbox can be dragged and dropped into the Smart Form's Section Elements to add options for user input.

Save your Smart Form 

Once you have created sections with Elements, click on Save to save your form changes.

If you select Cancel, you will lose any previous changes made since the last save. If you haven’t saved at all, you will lose all changes made.