To make the Smart Form accessible in the Axsy Mobile – whether you have created a dynamic Smart Form assignment Flow or single Smart Form association Flow – you need to create an App Extension that will allow users to select the Flow on the Axsy Mobile App's Action Menu.

Setup a Field Service Mobile Setting 

1. From the Salesforce Platform, navigate to Setup > Field Service > Field Service Mobile Settings

2. Select Field Service Mobile Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page to display App Extensions.

3. Select Add to create a new Field Service Mobile App Extension.

4. Complete the details for the new App Extension:

Launch Value Refer to Step 5 (below)
LabelSet this to be the name that you would like to be displayed in
NameSet to the same as Label field 
Scope to Object TypesSet to Object API Name of your choice

5. For the Launch Value, capture the URL from the corresponding Salesforce Flow. Only enter in the value after /flow/.  

6. Select Save to complete setting up the Field Service Mobile App Extension.