Once you have created several Axsy Smart Forms, you can make the Smart Forms available in the Axsy Mobile App via a single custom field on the object set to run the Smart Form. This method means that you can dynamically assign Smart Forms to the record(s) running them, without needing to create multiple app extensions and flows.  

In the example below, it is assumed that the object running the Smart Form is the Work Order Object.

Create a Custom Work Order Field on the Salesforce Platform 

1. From the Salesforce Platform, navigate to Setup > Platform Tools > Object Manager.

2. Select Work Order and then Fields & Relationships.

3. Select New to create a new custom field. 

4. The new field needs to be set as a Lookup field to the Form Object. Select Type to be Lookup and then select the Relationship to be with a Form.

4. Complete the rest of the New Relationship page, entering values for:

Field Label Is displayed under the Details tab of a Work Order 
Field NameIs auto-populated 
Child RelationshipWork_Orders

5. Select Next

6. The next step will automatically assign the new custom field to the Work Order Page Layout. Select Next

7. Review your details and select Save.

View and Edit the Custom Work Order Field on the Work Order Page Layout 

1. Navigate to a work order and check that you can see the new custom field.

2. Created Smart Forms can be searched for using this custom field. Select one to assign it to the work order.

Now you have successfully configured your work order custom field, you now need to create a form variable flow that will be able to find the Smart Form that you have selected so it can be displayed in the Axsy Mobile App. Please see this article for more information: How to deploy Smart Forms using Salesforce Flow - Variable Smart Form ID