Once you have created an Axsy Smart Form, you can make the Smart Form available in the Axsy Mobile Apps,  Field Service Lightning (FSL) or Retail Execution (RE), by setting up a Salesforce Flow. The Salesforce Flow will be a single element flow referencing the specific Smart Form ID set by Salesforce.

Configure the Flow on the Salesforce Platform 

1. From the URL of the Smart Form, capture the Salesforce Form ID. This is located before /view (no forward slashes included). 

2. From Salesforce Setup, use the Quick Find search and type in Flows.

3. Under Process Automation, select Flows. For a new Smart Form, select New Flow.

4. From the Menu options, select Field Service Mobile Flow and then Create.

5. From the Elements tab under the Toolbox, select an Action and drag this to the main page.

  1. When the Action opens, using Filter By, select Type and then select Apex Action (Legacy) as the action.
  2. In the corresponding box to the right, search for and select Mobile Smart Form (axsy_forms_FlowFormRunner) as the Legacy Apex action. Then click Done.

6. Then double click on the Apex Action (Legacy) process flow to assign it the values below.

API NameWill be automatically added, but needs to be unique.
FormIdSalesforce ID of the form captured in Step 1.

8. Finalise the flow by dragging an arrow from the Start button to the Apex Action (Legacy) Process Flow. 

9. Save your changes.

10. Select Back and return to the Salesforce Flow page summary.

14. Select the new Salesforce Flow and Activate it.

Now you have successfully configured your Salesforce Flow, you can now link it to an App Extension that will make the Smart Form available in the Axsy Mobile App via the Quick Action Menu. Please see this article for more information: How to make Smart Forms visible in Axsy Mobile Apps – App Extensions